Help Menu

The Help menu consists of three items:

  • System Information
  • GPA on the Web
  • Help Docs
  • About GPA Frame Analyzer

System Information

This information may be useful when contacting the Intel GPA support team for assistance. The data is read-only.

System Information window contains data on:

  • Intel GPA Frame Analyzer
  • Capture file
  • System on which the frame was captured
  • Playback system information

Use Save as… and Copy buttons to save all the information to a file or to the clipboard respectively.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa system info Help Menu

GPA on the Web

GPA on the Web links to Intel GPA online resources.

Help Docs

Help Docs opens the Intel GPA Online Help. You can download a PDF version of the documentation for your local use from the Intel web site:

About GPA Frame Analyzer

About GPA Frame Analyzer displays information about the version of the product.

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Help Menu