Render Target Thumbnail List

The Render Target Thumbnail List contains thumbnail images that correspond to the unique list of render targets across the ergs’ selection set.

On the right of each thumbnail, there are rows of text that have the RT ID, the Erg ID, the RT dimensions, and the RT color format.  If an erg is associated with Multiple Render Targets (MRT), then the Erg ID will be the same, but the RT IDs will be different.  For example, Erg 222 is associated with three render targets (1140, 1145, and 1150) in this screencapture.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa rt thumbnail Render Target Thumbnail List

A description of the render target appears to the right of each thumbnail image, and includes:

  • the number of the last selected erg in the render target (Erg 41)

  • the render target ID (RT 7)

  • the render target size (512×512)

  • the render target format (A8R8G8B8)

The final render target, called a frame buffer, is always the last item in the list of render targets.

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Render Target Thumbnail List