Use the following view options:

  • view drop-down list

    • The Сolor option shows the color buffer for the render targets

    • The Overdraw option shows all render targets with a grayscale overdraw visualization; the lighter the area, the more overdraw for those pixels, with darker areas denoting minimal overdraw

    • The Depth option shows the depth buffer for the render targets


      On Microsoft DirectX* 9 the Depth option is available only if the INTZ format is supported.

    • The Stencil option shows the stencil buffer for the render targets; it shows 256-levels of gray, corresponding to the value of an 8-bit stencil buffer; use this option if you want to render projected shadows; if no stencil buffer is attached to the selected render target, the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer indicates that it is not available.

  • pixel history check box Check this box to enter pixel selection mode. This mode changes the cursor to a red cross when the cursor moves over a render target. A tooltip shows the current coordinates within the image. Click to select a pixel that will have its pixel history displayed in the Pixel History tab. After that you will be able to select pixels right under the Pixel History tab.

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