Erg Advisor Tab (Beta)

This tab helps you find problem areas in your frame.

The Erg Advisor runs a set of algorithms, which search for common problems and display the ergs that exhibit suspicious patterns. The tab shows a list of the top most potentially severe instances for each type of issue.

Please note that the results are algorithmic guesses, which may or may not impact the speed at which your frame runs. The goal is to help quickly lead you to potential performance issues with your game. The Intel GPA Frame Analyzer has no knowledge of your frame time budget, so some issues may be flagged against ergs that use little GPU time. Just ignore those and move down the list.

The tab contains the following information:

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 1 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Investigation – shows the name of a specific kind of problem in the frame

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 2 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Run – shows the status of each investigation’s execution; the status can be the following:  

  • Not Available – if the hardware does not support the needed metrics

  • Processing… n% – if work is in progress

  • Error - if some internal error happened

  • Done – if the run is complete

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 3 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Results – shows a brief summary of what was found; usually it is the number of issues

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 4 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Details pane – shows detailed information on the issue selected in the Investigation column.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 5 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Display Mode drop-down list – enables you to view the issues sorted in different ways. Display modes vary from investigation to investigation. Raw Values, Weighted Values, Frame Percent, and Top Issues are all possible display modes.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 6 Erg Advisor Tab (Beta) Refresh button – enables you to refresh the Erg Advisor investigations based on experiments that were selected elsewhere in the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa erg adv gui Erg Advisor Tab (Beta)


Weighted Values and Frame Percent options, as well as investigations that utilize the GPU timing metric are unavailable on tile-based rendering architectures.

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