State Tab

This tab displays a summary of all the API render states associated with the selected erg.
 Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa state field State Tab
The following sub-tabs organize the render states into logical groups:

Microsoft DirectX* 9 applications

  • Render States
  • Sampler States
  • Other States
  • Lights (read-only)
  • Matrices (read-only)
  • Palettes (read-only)
  • Clip Planes (read-only)

For Microsoft DirectX* 10 applications

  • Blend State
  • Depth-Stencil State
  • Rasterizer  State
  • Geometry Shader Samplers
  • Vertex Shader Samplers
  • Pixel Shader Samplers

For Microsoft DirectX* 11 applications:

  • Blend State
  • Depth-Stencil State
  • Rasterizer State
  • Geometry Shader Samplers
  • Vertex Shader Samplers
  • Pixel Shader Samplers
  • Hull Shader Samplers
  • Domain Shader Samplers

You can modify states contained in the property controls by selecting an item and changing the value either by selecting an item from the drop-down list or by typing in the new value.

Changes to this tab only affect the selected set of ergs.

The settings “stick” to the selected erg. For example, if you select two ergs and change the value for a state (such as “shademode”), the state changes for these two ergs. If you then change the selection (either the ergs or the selection in the State tab) without changing the state back first, the state change you applied to “shademode” to your original two ergs will still apply (that is, “stick”). If this is not the behavior you want, you must use the Revert all changes button to reset all changes for any ergs and states that had previously been applied.


When you change any state, the workload is rerun, so changes in either the visual render target or performance can be noted.

Modified states are reflected in the rendered frame display, and the metrics for the scene will be re-calculated with the new state to allow the user to determine what effect it might have on their game.

The sub-tabs are divided into the following types:

  • Property-grid.  Each render state is enumerated and can be individually viewed and modified with type-specific options. This is used for displaying Render States, Sampler States, Blend States, Depth-Stencil States, Rasterizer States, and other miscellaneous erg states.

    Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa 25 new State Tab

  • Drill-down property grid.  A list of items is displayed on the left, with a corresponding property grid on the right which displays the properties for the selected items. This is used for displaying lights.
    Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa tab 4 State Tab


  • Register Files. The registers associated with the set of selected draw calls are displayed in a grid format, which may be expanded to display the differences across calls. When more than one erg is selected, the register contents are organized as a tree view. The top level displays the value for each entry if they are all identical, otherwise “####” is shown. Select the individual ergs to view the individual values. Use this feature for displaying Matrices, Palettes, and Clip Planes.

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