Discovering the Most Expensive Ergs

By default, the Visualization panel shows the whole frame, and the height of the erg bar is equal to the relative duration of the erg as executed on the GPU. So, the higher the bar is, the more expensive the erg is in terms of total rendering time.

To find the most expensive ergs, you can also:

  1. Select Ergs from the drop-down list in the Scene Overview panel

  2. Select GPU Duration

  3. Arrange all the ergs by the current time:

    • in the Old column, if nothing has been changed

    • in the New column, if you modified something.

You may also wish to select the most expensive ergs by checking their respective check boxes. Review their impact on the entire frame and on a respective render target in the Render Target Viewer panel, as illustrated in the following figure. Note that the order in which you select ergs has no impact on the results, and that the selected ergs will then be used as the target for any future experiments that you may perform within this tool.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa expensive ergs Discovering the Most Expensive Ergs

Discovering the Most Expensive Ergs