Configuring the Bar Chart

Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer supports the following views of the bar chart:

  • Erg Graph – shows metrics associated with each erg
  • Render Targets Graph  - shows metrics associated with sets of ergs, grouped by render target

On traditional rendering architectures, you can toggle between the two views.

On tile-based rendering architectures, only the Render Targets Graph view is available. This is because work is processed in batches, and per-erg metrics are not meaningful in tile-based rendering. For more information refer to Erg Graph and Render Targets View.

To configure the bar chart, use the X-axis and Y-axis Metrics drop-down lists.

For example, to compare the relationship between shader durations with a single visualization, set VS Duration for the X axis and PS Duration for the Y axis. In this configuration, tall and skinny bars represent ergs that utilize more pixel shader resources; short and wide bars represent ergs that utilize more vertex shader resources.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa erg bar Configuring the Bar Chart

The Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer automatically saves X-Axis and Y-Axis settings for the Bar Chart. If you exit the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer and then run this tool again, the previous settings will be used. To reset the settings to the default, go to the Edit menu > Reset Metric Selections.

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