Saving the Pixel History Image

To save the Pixel History tab’s image to your machine:

  1. Select the render target from the Render Target Thumbnail List
  2. Check the Pixel History check box
  3. Click the image in the Render Target View and go to the Pixel History tab
  4. Right-click the Pixel History Render Target View image and select Save…
  5. In the Save As dialog box select one of three formats: DDS, JPG, BMP, and PNG

JPG and BMP formats store only the RGB values, while the PNG format stores both the RGB and Alpha channel data. Depending upon how your graphics program treats the data, your image in the graphics program may not match the one displayed by the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer. Therefore, you might probably want to use either the JPG or BMP formats, as they match the images for both the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer and the graphics viewer.

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Saving the Pixel History Image