Analyze Application Dialog Box

The Analyze Application Dialog Box consists of the following sections:

  • Applications section – provides a list of running applications. Each application is introduced by its icon, name, command line, and date run.
    You can perform the following actions on any running application:
    • Remove an application from the list by clicking Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers m x icon Analyze Application Dialog Box
    • Create/edit a profile and assign it to all running applications
  • Command Line field: Type in, or browse to the path and file name of the application you wish to analyze and enter any command-line options for the analyzed application

  • Working Folder field: Browse to, or type in a folder for the analysis results. This is the directory in which the application should run. This is useful for games that use a launcher or mission packs in a different directory than the game files. 

  • Active Profile field: Select a profile that will be applied to all listed applications.
  • Manage Profies… button: Create a new profile or edit an existing one.

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Analyze Application Dialog Box