Monitor Context Menu

To open the Intel® GPA Monitor context menu, click the Intel GPA Monitor icon Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers m icon Monitor Context Menu on the taskbar notification area.

The context menu items are the following:

  • Analyze Application… – invokes a dialog box that enables you to manually startup and analyze an application, manage running application lists, and assign profiles.
  • System Analyzer – launches the Intel® GPA System Analyzer
  • Frame Analyzer – launches the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer
  • Platform Analyzer – launches the Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer
  • Profiles… - invokes the Profiles… dialog box.
  • Preferences… – invokes the Preferences dialog box
  • Media Performance… – invokes the Media Performance dialog box
  • Log… – shows the last system status messages
  • About…- provides information about the Intel® GPA version installed on the system and extended system information. You can save the system information to a .txt file.
  • Exit – closes the Intel GPA Monitor.

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