Introduction to the Intel® GPA Monitor

The Intel® GPA Monitor is a client-monitor application that enables the following:

  • launch the application for analysis

  • launch Intel® GPA System Analyzer, Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer, and Intel® Platform Analyzer tools

  • detect the launched application

  • analyze GPU-accelerated media applications performance

  • customize the default keyboard-shortcut assignments

  • configure Heads-up Display mode

  • create and configure applications’ profiles

  • set up triggers

  • enable domains that you wish to trace

When you work in network mode, launch the Intel GPA Monitor on the analysis machine by selecting the Intel GPA Monitor from the Windows* Start menu, before launching the Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer or Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer.

When you launch the Intel GPA Monitor, it checks the Intel® Graphics Driver version installed on your machine. For details refer to Intel® GPA Updates.

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Introduction to the Intel® GPA Monitor