Creating a Profile

You can use the Intel® GPA Monitor to create a profile and then select it as active to all running applications.

A profile is a collection of settings for Intel® GPA frame and trace capture operations, HUD metrics and options. You need to create a profile to be able to configure trigger parameters for creating frame and trace capture files on the fly.

From the Analyze Application dialog box:

  1. In the Active Profile field click the Manage Profiles… button.
  2. In the Profiles dialog box click the New button.
  3. Type the desired profile name.
  4. Set profile settings to meet your needs.
  5. Click OK.

All running applications immediately accept the newly created profile.

A newly-created profile always has default settings. This gives you a way to use default profile settings if you changed the “Default” profile. For default profile settings refer to Profiles Dialog Box.

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Creating a Profile