Configuring HUD Display Options

To modify the Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD display options of a certain profile, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Analyze Application dialog box click Manage Profiles…. or click the Intel® GPA Monitor icon Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers m icon Configuring HUD Display Options in the taskbar notification area and select Profiles….
  2. In the Profiles window select the profile you want to modify.
  3. Go to the HUD Options tab to configure HUD display settings:
    • Default HUD Mode: select what you want the Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD to display by default:
      • Disabled – disable HUD. The Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD is not launched for this application.
      • FPS only – display only the FPS metric for the running application.
      • FPS+Graphs – display the FPS and metrics graphs for the running application.
      • Full – display FPS, metrics graphs, and the keyboard shortcut list overlaid on the running application.
    • HUD Background Color: set the background color of the HUD elements.
    • HUD Transparency:set the transparency of the HUD elements.
    • HUD Location: select the location of the application window:
      • Top Left
      • Top Right
      • Bottom Left
      • Bottom Right
    • Null Hardware Override Duration: set the duration of the Null Hardware Override.
    • FPS Limit: set the frame rate to apply it when the FPS Limit state override is used; by default, this value is 30 frames per second. If the original game application frame rate is less than the one you have defined here, the original frame rate is used when you apply the FPS Limit state override.
    • Disable this state override to run the game application at its original frame rate.

  4. Click OK.

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Configuring HUD Display Options