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The Help menu provides information about the trace file, the Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer, additional web-based information, and contains the following items.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers pa help menu Help Menu

Trace Information

The Trace Information dialog box displays information about the trace capture file and the target machine – Graphics Driver and Operating System. The data is read-only. This information may be useful when contacting the Intel® GPA support team for assistance.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers pa trace info Help Menu


The Console dialog box displays the parse errors and warnings that occurred when loading/parsing the trace file.  
Items in the dialog box can be filtered by the severity level:

  • Show All – no filtering
  • Message – show only informational messages from the parser
  • Warning – show only warnings
  • Error  - show only error messages
  • Critical – show only critical messages

Help Docs

Help Docs opens the Intel GPA Online Help. You can download a PDF version of the documentation for your local use from the Intel web site:

Intel GPA on the Web

Intel® GPA on the Web links to Intel® GPA online resources.

About Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer

About GPA Platform Analyzer displays information about the version of the product.

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Help Menu