The Summary panel is a tree list with root nodes grouped by type and child nodes grouped by name and nesting depth. In the task tree, the first-order nodes correspond to the top-level tasks in the current selection and subordinate nodes correspond to the sub-tasks of those tasks. In each case, the node summarizes the tasks with the same name.

To expand/collapse the tree list, right-click it and select “Expand All” or “Collapse All” respectively.

You also can export tasks data to CSV or TXT files and select a task of interest.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers pa summary Summary

  • Name – displays the task name.
  • Serialized Traced – shows the serialized traced time of tasks and subtasks.
  • % of total – displays the ratio of the duration in the current row to the total duration, expressed as a percentage.
  • Count – displays the total number of tasks and sub-tasks, equivalent to summing the count of tasks and sub-tasks in the node shown in a row (currently it displays the number of selected tasks not including their sub-tasks).
  • Color – displays the color associated with a task. You can specify the task color in the trace API.

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