Task Groups

The Task Groups panel displays the entire list of all task groups in a bar chart with the height of each bar representing the duration of the task group. This panel only is available if task groups are present in the workload. It is not shown by default but can be made visible through the Panels Menu.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers pa task group Task Groups

By default, the bar chart sorts tasks’ groups along the X axis by the “sequence number” parameter, and draws the bar heights to indicate the overall serialized duration of the tasks associated with the tasks’ group for that bar.

Selected tasks’ groups are highlighted in yellow. The selection in the Task Groups chart is synchronized with the selection in the timeline and other panels.

The Task Groups  panel includes the following UI controls:

  • Display…  A multi-selection combo box containing the tasks’ group categories instrumented in the trace file. When the user selects tasks’ group categories from the list, the panel displays the tasks’ groups belonging to those categories in the bar chart.

  • X+ Zoom in horizontally

  • X- Zoom out horizontally

  • Y+ Zoom in vertically

  • Y- Zoom out vertically

You can select tasks’ groups using the following methods: 

  • Click on a bar in the Task Groups chart to select the task it represents.

  • Click and drag across several bars in the chart to select adjacent tasks’ groups.

  • Click Ctrl + left click individual bars to add the represented tasks’ groups to the current selection.

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