Hardware Thread View

The Hardware Thread View shows the following thread context switch information contained in your trace capture file:

  • where instrumented and non-instrumented tasks were running
  • when a hardware context switch occurred

The context switch happens at the boundary between two distinct pieces of task data.

The number of HW tracks is equal to the number of logical cores contained in the target machine.

The Hardware Thread View is enabled automatically when thread context switch data is available in the file, but can be disabled. Check Showing/Hiding Hardware Tracks.

Each color shown in the hardware context data located within tasks matches to a CPU shown in the hardware track. The hardware track breaks this down further indicating the following states:

  • Instrumented Process – duration of time where a task was executing on a CPU included within ITT instrumented regions of code within this process
  • Non-instrumented Process – duration of time where a task was executing on a CPU not included in ITT instrumented code, but the activity is within this process
  • Other Process – duration time of time where another process was executing on a CPU
  • System Idle Process – duration of time where the CPU is idle

The Hardware Thread View displays tool tips with the process executable name for Instrumented Processes and Non-instrumented Processes of the trace capture file. For Other Processes the tool tips also display the name of the other process executable name, or ‘Unknown’ process if the other process name was not available at trace collection time.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers fa exe name Hardware Thread View

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