Selecting Tasks

When you select a task, it is rendered in the Task Tracks with bold colors, with the unselected tasks rendered in “washed out” colors. 

To change the selection set, you can use either keyboard or mouse.

  • Mouse Left Click – Select only the task or event under the mouse cursor, or clears the current selection set if there is no task or marker under the mouse cursor
  • Mouse Left Click+Drag – Select everything within the rectangular area being dragged. Selection in the Task Timeline is updated in real time
  • Ctrl+Mouse Left Click – Add/Remove item to/from selection (if already selected)
  • Ctrl+E – Center selection (item must be selected)
  • Double-click on:  
    • task and task groups – fit selection time extents to the displayed Task Timeline width
    • marker (event) – center the marker within the displayed Task Timeline
    • empty space – clears selection


When the user changes the selection in the Task Timeline, the Intel GPA Platform Analyzer will automatically reflect the selection change with associated Task Groups in the Task Groups panel.

To hide all non-selected tasks, press and hold Ctrl+H.

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