Metrics Charts

Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD displays several kinds of metrics:

  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 and Intel® HD Graphics GPUs:
    • CPU
    • DirectX
    • GPU
      • Execution Units
      • Geometry ShaderInput-Assembler
      • Main
      • Memory
      • Output-Merger
      • Pixel Shader
      • Rasterizer
      • Texture Sampler
      • Vertex Shader
    • Power Metrics
  • Non-Intel GPUs and Intel GPUs prior to Intel® HD Graphic

    • CPU
    • DirectX

Metrics are displayed in the form of sparklines.

They provide the following information:

  • Metrics name

  • Instantaneous values (white)

  • Minimum metrics values (green)

  • Maximum metrics values (red)


    The minimum and maximum values displayed reflect the min/max during the last seven seconds.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers hud metrics pref Metrics Charts


The Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD may make available only the default set of metrics that it provides on non-Intel GPUs, even when using Intel® HD Graphics, in the following cases:

  • On non-Intel GPUs and on older Intel GPUs such as Intel® GMA 4500/X4500/X4500HD/4500MHD, only the default set of metrics is available

  • The application is using the Microsoft DirectX* 11 API, but is forcing it to use feature level 9. This is also known as DX11-on-9 mode.

  • The application is using the WARP rasterization (Windows* Advanced Rasterization Platform).

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