Summary Field

Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD displays the summary information in the upper left corner of the application display.

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers hud summary Summary Field

The Summary includes the following information:

  • Mode: head’s-up display mode; use the default Ctrl+F1 to switch between HUD modes

  • Microsoft DirectX* version: DX9/DX9Ex/DX10/DX10.1/DX11
  • Device Driver Type:
    • HW – hardware accelerated
    • WARP (Windows* Advanced Rasterization Platform) – Microsoft* software DirectX* renderer that uses CPU instead of GPU
    • REF – the reference device that implements all features for the requested version of DirectX* even if HW does not support it
  • Screen resolution
  • Frames Per Second with lowest (green, 18) and highest (red, 170) value; the instantaneous value (122) is calculated for one second.

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