2×2 Texture

Use the 2×2 Texture override mode to help identify potential performance bottlenecks caused by texture maps used in your application. All textures for a scene are replaced with four different colors for each pixel for these textures.

If using this override mode significantly improves the frame rate, this is an indicator that the application is texture bound. The common ways to fix this issue are:

  • reduce the size of textures
  • reduce the number of textures used in the scene, for instance use one texture for a set of objects
  • reduce the texture filtering setting, especially minimize the usage of anisotropic filtering
  • reduce the number of texture fetches in the shaders

Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers wireframe off 2x2 Texture Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers 2x2 2x2 Texture
                              Normal Picture                                                                                Force 2×2 Texture

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2×2 Texture