void ITTAPI __itt_metadata_str_add  (const __itt_domain *  domain,  

  __itt_id  id,  

  __itt_string_handle *  key,  

  const char *  data,  

  size_t  length   



Attaches a user-specified string metadata item to a task or marker instance. The Unicode analogue of this function is __itt_metadata_wstr_add.


The __itt_metadata_str_add function must be called from the same thread on which the target task or marker instance was traced.


[in] domain  The domain controlling the call  

[in] id          The identifier of the instance to which the metadata is to be added, or __itt_null to add to the current task  

[in] key        The name of the metadata  

[in] data      The metadata itself  

[in] length    The number of characters in the string, or 0 if the length is unknown but the string is null-terminated  

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