enum   __itt_relation {










The __itt_relation API functions enable you to add relations between entity instances. When making __itt_relation API calls, you use IDs to specify the pair of instances that are related.  This enables you to specify relations among entity instances before they are actually “alive”, since each ID has its own lifetimes that encompass the lifetimes of the entity it represents.



“A is dependent on B” means that A cannot start until B completes


“A is sibling of B” means that A and B were created as a group


“A is parent of B” means that A created B


“A is continuation of B” means that A continues but is not necessarily dependent on task B


“A is child of B” means that A was created by B (inverse of is_parent_of)


“A is continued by B” A is an antecedent of B (inverse of is_continuation_of)


“A is predecessor to B” means that B cannot start until A completes (inverse of is_dependent_on)

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