GPU Frequency


The metric GPU Frequency represents the GPU frequency during the measurement period. The latest Intel GPUs support the Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and can dynamically change frequency depending on CPU and GPU workloads.   


For Intel® HD Graphics 3000 the GPU Frequency increases to its maximum frequency when a heavy GPU load occurs.

Improving Performance

Typically the system will automatically adjust the GPU Frequency to optimize total system performance between the CPU and the GPU.
When running the Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD, if the GPU frequency is always at its peak value for a particular system configuration, this may indicate that your system is GPU bound; if the GPU frequency is always at the lower end of the range, this may indicate that either you are CPU bound and/or that the GPU is not being fully utilized.
When running the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer, currently this metric does not provide an accurate measure of GPU performance, since the CPU is not being utilized as it would be during the running of your game when the frame was captured.

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