VS Duration


The metric Vertex Shader Duration represents an approximation of the total GPU time spent executing vertex shader code.  


  • If Vertex Shader Duration is 50,000, it means that GPU spends around 50 milliseconds to execute vertex shaders for selected ergs.
  • If Vertex Shader Duration is 0, it means that time spent in vertex shaders for selected ergs is very small.

Improving Performance

If the Vertex Shader Duration time is significant compared to GPU Duration, vertex processing optimizations might be needed. In this situation, optimize the geometry by minimizing the Vertex Count, Primitive Count, and Vertex Shader Invocations Count. If you are using triangle lists, try to convert them to a single triangle strip to minimize the number of vertices sent to pipeline. Also optimize the geometry for VCache (see Vertex Shader Invocations Count metric description).

To see whether optimizations are possible, examine your vertex shader code under the Shaders Tab in the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer. Refer to the HDG DirectX Developers Guide to find recommendations for vertex shader optimizations.

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