New in Release 2012 R1

Version 2012 R1 of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers contains the following new features:


  • New Online HTML Help available

  • Full support for Intel® HD Graphics 2500/4000 (former Intel® microarchitecture code name Ivy Bridge) platforms including D0, E0, and M0 silicon.

  • Support for “Graphics Performance Analyzers” BIOS on Intel® HD Graphics 2500/4000 systems for enabling compute metrics.

Intel® GPA Monitor

  • New FPS state override, which enables you to force the game to a lower FPS rate for power analysis modeling.

  • Possibility to disable tracing while analyzing your application with the Intel® GPA.

Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer

  • Support for viewing and working with textures for all shader types.

  • Possibility to view 1D, 3D, or other un-viewable textures as Hex data.

  • Possibility to save textures to a disk as .DDS files for offline analysis.

  • Support for Intel® GMA 3650 Netbooks and tablets.

  • Initial prototype for shader analysis and profiling.

  • Possibility to toggle between the two views in the Visualization panel: select either individual ergs or metrics associated with sets of ergs, grouped by render target.

Intel® GPA System Analyzer

  • New metrics for analysis of Power Consumption for Intel® HD 2000/3000 Platforms.

  • Support for logging metric data directly to a .CSV file for offline analysis.

Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer

  • Greatly improved performance, including faster file loads, major task selection improvement, and reduced memory utilization when loading large files.

  • Hardware Task View now shows information regarding other processes that were running during trace collection.

  • New coefficient statistics for selected tasks.

  • New ability to select all tasks within a selected time period.

New in Release 2012