Troubleshooting the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer

The following table lists solutions for some of the known issues you may encounter when working with the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer.


Possible Cause


When I run the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer, I see an “Unable to connect to Intel® GPA Monitor 2012 R1 at <ip address>.  Connect operation wasn’t completed.” error.

The Intel® GPA Monitor is not running.

Run the Intel GPA Monitor first.

An incorrect IP address was entered.

Check the IP address of the target machine.

The computer running the Intel GPA Monitor is using a firewall.

In the Microsoft Windows* Firewall Settings click the Add program… button to unblock the Intel GPA Monitor.

I see a “Connection to GPA Monitor lost” error.

The network connection was lost.

Check the network cable for the target machine. Check the network cable for the analysis machine.

The Intel GPA Monitor was closed, or it crashed.

Restart the Intel GPA Monitor.

I see a “The monitor version does not match the client version” error.

Either the Intel GPA Monitor or the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer is an old version of the software.

Install the same version of the Intel® GPA software on the target machine and the analysis machine.

I see a “The selected file was captured on a system with a different GPU than the system you are attempting to play back on. This is not supported, and may cause catastrophic failures. Attempt playback anyway?” error.

Described in the error message.

Try to open anyway. If you keep getting an error message, create a new capture file.

I see an “Invalid File” error.

Described in the error message.

Create the frame capture file on the same system that you are using to analyze the file.

I cannot open a DDS file.

Most image viewers do not recognize the Microsoft* DirectX* 10 header.
When certain texture formats are saved to a DDS file, the file contains a Microsoft* DirectX* 10 header (DDS_HEADER_DX10). For example, a texture with the R8G8B8A8_UNORM_SRGB format is saved with this header.  

To work around this issue, download the DirectXTex library from Microsoft*: The DirectXTex library includes a DDS viewer called “DDS View”. This viewer can open and display most DDS files that contain the DirectX* 10 header.

Your file contains TYPELESS texture formats.

TYPELESS texture formats, such as DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_TYPELESS, can be saved to a DDS file. However, the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers team is not aware of any program that can open and display these DDS files. Even “DDS View” cannot open them.

Troubleshooting the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer